Rising Fashion Enthusiast Jackie So

Fashion has been on a whole new level the past 2-3 years and here’s one of the best Sneaker and Fashion Enthusiasts that people have slept on. Jackie So is one of the most underrated Youtubers and Fashion Enthusiasts to this date. He’s young and his work ethic is out of this world. He brings fashion too a whole new level. I’ve interviewed Jackie a few days ago and he is such a polite, easy to talk too, genuine, down to earth, and an amazing person overall. I asked him on what he thought about the Fashion trend now and what he said was; “Fashion has always been around, but lately it’s been on a very extreme level and its great! You can tell so much by a person just by looking at how they dress…. If you notice, people dress with their emotions and some may dress just because they love fashion! And I find that so great.” I also asked him on what he thought about being a “underground fashion enthusiasts” and he said; “There’s plenty of big names out there in the fashion industry and I’m not one of the big names and that’s totally fine with me. You have too start somewhere? Am I right? But I love what I do and I won’t stop.” Jackie and Ed Sheeran had been spotted together in the studio out in LA & of course I had to ask him what they were doing together, he said “I’ve came across Ed Sheeran’s music back in 2011 and I was hooked on him from that day on. I was in New York about a year ago and Ed had a show there & I attended it. My agent surprisingly got me too actually meet him face to face and I felt we clicked that instant. And as we speak now 2015 I will soon too drop a song with him.” Too keep the buzz from stopping and the questioning to stop, I had to ask him if there was a significant other in his life. He replied with, “There’s no one I’m interested in, at the moment. I mean yeah, I would love to have someone I love by my side, but at the same time, I honestly don’t have time for anybody. But in the future, hopefully I’ll have someone by then.” Then I asked him what he thought about the “Sneaker Community” now and he said; “It has grown a lot, and everything is hard too get now a days and you really have to know someone to get the kicks you want & sometimes you can’t get the kicks at all. But, at the same time i also think it’s cool because the “Sneaker Community” has grown so much and I want to see what it’ll be like 5 years from now.”  After the interview I thanked him on everything he’s done and what he’s become. Overall Jackie is one of the most sweetest and nicest guy that I’ve encountered. He has such a great future ahead of him. Stay tuned on Jackie’s brand that he will be launching in Summer 2015. If you don’t know who he is go check out his social media.





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